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Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley suddenly have a big slave-fish on their fishing-rod while they were enjoying the day at their personal lake. As a welcome gift he gets a severe kick into his bowel. The reptiles dick is being used as a target so that he has to endure really heavy pain. Both of the Mistresses are proving that even fishes can be afraid to drown. After that they are enjoying a nice water fight after which the loser gets tarred and feathered. A mercyless lashing of a peeping-tom makes this bizarre day perfect!

Two girlfriends, Nancy and Aphrodite are spending a long afternoon in the flat. They were supposed to make some cool meals for the party guests coming in the evening, but they have decided to call a home delivery and spend some time together instead of cooking. So as they are waiting for the party service to bring some food for the guests they start to tease each other. They're kissing the other's pussy and tits to cause as much joy as possible. They're really lost in each other's arms and present a mind blowing lesbian action right in the middle of the kitchen. Come closer and see what they have cooked.

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